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October 14, 2022

Veteran-Owned Business is Saving Lives with GLOROPE

“I saw the writing on the wall for my career after service,” says Scott Harrigan, a Veteran of 25 years, based in Halifax. Over the course of his military career, Harrigan sailed on almost every major warship in Canada’s East Coast fleet, equating to nearly four years of time on the sea. His most recent sailing position was as Deck Officer on HMCS Preserver; it was during his time on Preserver that Harrigan began making the product his business now produces and sells on a global scale: GLOROPE.

GLOROPE products offer vibrant, battery-free light sources designed to improve the safety of those navigating recreational and boating activities in dark conditions.


“Glow in the dark rope is as much about art as science,” explains Harrigan, “from glow in the dark life buoys to pet products and rope gear, we’re trying to save lives with GLOROPE.”


Combining his passion for the navy with his hopes to build a business, Harrigan developed his entrepreneurial skills through Prince’s Trust Canada’s Operation Entrepreneur boot camp program. “After being accepted into business boot camp, I jumped right into a week of classroom learning on finance, taxes, importing, hiring, marketing, and business planning. The whole week was fantastic,” says Harrigan.“The wealth of knowledge you leave with is like being given a toolbox for success,” he added. “There was absolutely no expense incurred during the program, and I still maintain the relationships I formed with people in my class. That’s the navy tradition: you make friends whenever you go.”

A proven uniqueness of the Operation Entrepreneur program is its immense ability to create community. “As a program alumnus, I’m always the first to speak at seminars to welcome new people and emerging entrepreneurs coming from the military,” explains Harrigan.

"Military people are resilient and innovative. The skills learned in the military are transferrable to running a business. That entrepreneurial spirit that military people share is why there are thousands of Veteran-owned businesses. All you need to do is look.” says Harrigan.  

Now celebrating 10 years of success, Operation Entrepreneur continues to support the Veteran and military community along their entrepreneurial journeys. From mentoring and business boot camps, to workshops and sustainable business planning resources, Operation Entrepreneur helps Veterans build not just a business, but an ecosystem of support.  

“I wish I could do the program again,” explains Harrigan, “If you’re serious about becoming an entrepreneur after leaving the military, or while you’re there, don’t wait to apply to this program.” Harrigan is a 2022 CANIE Award finalist for Veteran Entrepreneur of the Year, presented by Prince’s Trust Canada. “I’ve been cognizant of my two lives: 25 years in the military and I hope 25 years in entrepreneurship. I’m loving every second of the journey,” says Harrigan. 

The public can support Veterans by choosing to Buy Veteran. Buying Veteran means buying local. To find a Veteran-owned business in your area, visit Prince’s Trust Canada’s BuyVeteranCA directory. is Canada’s premiere online directory dedicated to promoting businesses owned by members of the military and Veteran communities.