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May 16, 2019

Meet Ashley - Get Into Banking participant

Ashley was one of seven Indigenous young people in Winnipeg who completed our Get Into Banking program with CIBC and Youth Employment Services Manitoba. In December, she finished the program more confident than ever, with a new job at CIBC and a positive outlook on her future. 

“I was working as a server at a restaurant. I liked serving because it gave me good people skills and customer service experience but there were no opportunities to move up.

The banking and finance industry is where I wanted to make my career, but I wasn’t really sure how to get my foot in the door and I didn’t know what the requirements were. I had no idea where to start.

When I learned about the Get Into Banking program through Youth Employment Services Manitoba, I thought it was a good opportunity.

Working at CIBC was an adjustment. I was familiar with working with customers, but selling financial products is different from selling food. New tasks and expectations pushed me out of my comfort zone. With the help of my coworkers, I got a better sense of things while doing the job and I’m feeling pretty confident now!

My favourite thing about CIBC is the other staff. Everybody has been very welcoming and supportive. My mentor Kat was especially helpful. She would show me the processes and walk me through how to do everything.

Get Into has definitely helped me on my path. Without Get Into, I would still be working as a server. At CIBC, there’s a lot of growth opportunities, which is exciting. I can see myself having a career here.”

Ashley is looking forward to moving up in the financial services industry. To improve her prospects and accelerate her growth, she’s proud to be working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration part-time.

Ashley has already moved from being a contract worker to a permanent employee and is currently being trained for a more senior position.

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