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October 2, 2018

Meet Grace - Get Into Customer Service participant

While the Get Into program is dedicated to helping young people gain employable skills, it also encourages them to learn more about themselves and what they can achieve, in any part of their lives. In April 2018, Grace participated in the Get Into Customer Service program with Cineplex and NEEDS (Newcomers Employment and Education Services Inc.) in Winnipeg.

Grace, 17 years old, arrived from Nigeria a year and a half ago. Because she didn’t know anybody and was nervous about her English, she found adjusting to her new surroundings difficult.

When she decided to look for a part-time job, she didn’t know how to write a resume or where to start. NEEDS came to her school to talk about the Get Into program and she decided she would sign up.

“When I went to the Taster Day, I was a little bit scared and didn’t know what I would say. Then I learned it was going to be a group thing and I felt a bit relieved. I liked the group activities, they were fun and it took some pressure off me.”

During the program, she said she found the Cineplex staff helpful, “I could ask questions and they were easy to talk to.” She also credits Dale, her career coach at NEEDS, with helping build her confidence and voice.

“He taught me to be bold and how to talk to customers. Now I speak more loudly and make eye contact.”

Grace’s customer-facing position and her achievements in the program have increased her confidence and encouraged her to reach higher. “It’s really helped me in school. I really love dancing but was nervous about joining the dance club at school. After I did the program and got this job, I joined the dance club. I guess I felt like I could do it.”

As she finishes high school, Grace continues working part-time at Cineplex. She’s setting new goals for herself, more optimistic than ever that she can reach them.

The Get Into program was created in the UK by the Prince’s Trust and aims to build up a young person’s skill set, improve their communication skills, and boost their confidence, ultimately leading them into paid employment. The program has been adapted to a Canadian context and is expanding across this country with current deliveries in Winnipeg, Calgary, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, and Ottawa.

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