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November 27, 2018

Meet Haider - Get Into Administration participant

“My success is thanks to Prince's Trust Canada – now I have a job I love and a career”

Linguistic and cultural differences are just a few of the obstacles that young people who are new to Canada face when it comes to finding employment. Haider was ready to work but couldn’t get past the interview stage. Our Get Into youth employment program encourages employers to see the enthusiastic, resilient young person behind the resume, and invest in their potential.

“I immigrated to Canada from Pakistan in July 2016. At first it was very hard. I had some language barriers and didn’t know anyone. Although I had a degree in finance and experience working in Pakistan, I couldn’t find a job. I had some interviews, but I think my lack of Canadian work experience really hurt my chances.

I ended up having to take a job in fast-food. I felt discouraged and fed-up.

When I saw a sign for Get Into Administration at the YES Manitoba employment centre, I talked to someone who worked there and signed up immediately.

The Get Into program was incredible. The staff at YES and Loblaw Companies Limited were so supportive. I learned creative thinking, how to work in a team, some practical skills and got some amazing work experience. After I finished the program, I was offered a three-month contract, then I got a permanent position.

I’m so happy to be part of an amazing, supportive corporate culture. I’m currently working as a Coordinator in the Loblaw’s Finance department and taking steps to become a Financial Analyst. It’s a dream come true.

My success is thanks to King’s Trust Canada. Without the Get Into program I would be lost. Now I have a job I love and a career.”

Through Get Into, Haider gained experience in a Canadian workplace and employable skills he can take with him as he thrives in his new-found career and moves forward with his ambitions for the future.