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March 18, 2024

Meet Oluwaseun - CN Tower Hiring Event Participant

Oluwaseun, a proactive individual who was looking for a job, embarked on a transformative journey with Prince's Trust Canada (PTC). Through his participation in PTC's programs, Oluwaseun overcame challenges, gained insights, and forged meaningful connections to advance his career aspirations.


Oluwaseun attended two programs offered by PTC: our CN Tower Hiring Program and a Hiring Primer event at our office. Reflecting on his experience, Oluwaseun expressed that the mock interviews really helped him understand where he could improve his interview skills. He also learned the value of maintaining a positive mindset, staying focused, and seizing opportunities that can come through networking events.


With a background in 3D animation from Seneca College and prior graphic design experience in Nigeria, Oluwaseun transitioned into the role of a Guest Services Representative at CN Tower. Although the position was not what he had studied for, he truly valued the experience and was able to meet fellow aspiring professionals from his home country of Nigeria.

Oluwaseun's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of Prince's Trust Canada's programs in empowering individuals to navigate career challenges and achieve their aspirations. 

Through his proactive approach, resilience, and engagement with PTC, Oluwaseun not only secured employment, but also laid the foundation for future career growth and success. His story serves as a testament to the value of seizing opportunities, building connections, and maintaining a positive outlook on the path to career advancement.