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March 8, 2024

Meet Rose - CN Tower Hiring Event Participant

Rose found herself in a challenging situation. After a prolonged period of unemployment, Rose faced the daunting task of navigating the competitive job market. However, her encounter with Prince's Trust Canada (TKTC) proved to be a turning point in her journey towards securing meaningful employment.


Her journey with PTC began with the CN Tower Hiring Event, offering Rose a chance to connect with employers personally. She emphasized, “Doing this program meant that I would get to have an interpersonal experience with the manager instead of blindly applying online. This was a much better opportunity for you to get hired, than applying through a random pool with 200 others.”


Navigating the city's vastness and intense competition for job fairs presented significant obstacles for Rose. The struggle to secure a spot at these events highlighted the immense pressure she faced in her job search.


Participating in resume workshops provided Rose with valuable insights into refining her job application materials. Practice interviews with real managers boosted her interview skills and confidence, as she received constructive feedback.


Ultimately, Rose's involvement in PTC's programs directly facilitated her securing a job at the CN Tower. She emphasized the value of face-to-face interaction with managers, stating, “Just having the chance to actually see the managers face to face working along side them for 2 days, being able to connect with them and get to know them on a personal level. When you interview with them you are less intimidated because you know the person you are talking to.”


Employment at CN Tower not only fulfilled Rose's immediate need but also opened doors for future opportunities within the company. She highlighted, “Being employed here has given me the opportunity to apply for other positions...and now I have this boost to be considered first for more opportunities.”


Reflecting on her experience, Rose encourages others to attend hiring events like those offered by Prince's Trust Canada to alleviate stress, build confidence, and expand networks.


Looking ahead, Rose aims to secure full-time employment, leveraging skills and connections gained through PTC's programs. Her journey exemplifies the transformative impact of PTC's initiatives in empowering individuals to overcome barriers and achieve professional goals.