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November 18, 2019

Meet Tyrell - Get Into Warehousing participant

Without any work experience or positive role models, it’s easy to feel hopeless and discouraged. Tyrell wanted to provide for his family but had no job prospects and lacked confidence. He signed up for the Get Into Warehousing program, run in collaboration with Winnipeg Harvest and YES Manitoba, and his life changed.

“I grew up with my grandmother. I was reclusive and was never taught how to get out into the real world and network and find my place. We were struggling with bills, and I needed to find employment as soon as possible. I was under a lot of stress and felt a bit hopeless. I went to YES Manitoba for help and they told me about Get Into Warehousing.

During the program someone came in to teach us about lift truck operation. He told us about his life, how he got his career, why you should learn a trade and about other things, to keep on going, and I thought that was inspirational.

It was very big change in my life. I really didn’t have any positive role models to talk to or network with. Once I joined the program, I was surrounded by influential people who inspired me to go out and find a career.

“After completing the program I felt like I could do things, that I could branch out, network, and become a productive member of my society.”

Get Into gave me the work experience and certifications that made my resume look more appealing to an employer. After the program, I got hired by Parian Logistics and now work there full-time!

My family is so happy for me. I feel responsible for my household. It feels good to know that I have money coming in and that I can help with groceries and bills and pay rent. I feel very happy about that.”

Throughout the Get Into program Tyrell was exposed to positive role models who believed in him. He learned that people want to help each other and the world wasn’t the scary place he thought it was. He’s proud of his new job and is looking forward to learning more skills and growing his career.

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