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Top skills employers are looking for in 2024

New Year, new you! Are you looking to add some sparkle to your career in 2024? Prince’s Trust Canada (PTC) has the strategies, tips, and tricks you’ll need to level up your skills and land a great job!


As a young professional navigating the job market, your experience might be limited. We recommend highlighting key skills on your resume to help you stand out from the pack.


Want to know the 5 top skills employers are looking for in 2024? If you don’t have them yet, that’s perfectly okay. Many free online resources – including PTC programs – can help you master these skills.


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1. Communication: Beyond Words

Communicating well extends far beyond spoken or written language. When taking your shot at a new professional opportunity, highlight instances where you've effectively conveyed ideas, mediated conflicts, or fostered understanding in team projects, clubs, or volunteer work. Interviewers are looking for candidates who can articulate thoughts clearly and listen actively, adapting communication styles to suit diverse audiences and contexts.


2. Adaptability: Embracing Change

In the workplace, much like life, you can expect the unexpected. Being able to speak to instances where you've adapted to new environments navigated challenging situations, or quickly acquired new skills, can paint a strong picture of your adaptability. Interviewers look for stories that demonstrate your flexibility, resilience, and willingness to learn in diverse settings or through extracurricular activities.


3. Collaboration: Team Player Mentality

Limited work experience doesn't mean a lack of collaboration skills. Showcase instances of teamwork in group projects, community initiatives, or club leadership roles. Interviewers value examples that exhibit your ability to work harmoniously in teams, respect diverse opinions, and contribute meaningfully toward shared objectives.


4. Critical Thinking: Problem-Solving Mindset

In the workplace, many seasoned professionals will say being resourceful and willing to think independently and share possible solutions is key to showing your colleagues you are a reliable team member. Whether it's through academic challenges, personal projects or hobbies, demonstrating your ability to analyze, evaluate, and solve problems with creativity and thoughtfulness can be the key to unlocking your next opportunity.


5. Digital Literacy: Tech Adaptability

Nowadays, navigating different technologies has been a must to stay connected and access resources. The workplace is no different. Interviewers seek candidates who exhibit a curiosity and aptitude for learning new technologies, so emphasize your ability to quickly adapt to, and utilize various digital platforms or software.


In a competitive job market, these skills, when paired with compelling examples of how you have applied them, can significantly bolster your resume and interview success. Remember, your unique experiences, even outside traditional work environments, hold valuable examples of where these competencies shine through. Crafting your resume and interview responses around these skills will undoubtedly make a lasting impression, getting you more career success in 2024 and beyond.



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