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June 15, 2020

Meet Justin - Operation Entrepreneur boot camp graduate

Justin learned the fundamentals of leadership and team-building during his time in the military and wanted to share his knowledge with others. At our boot camp, Justin transformed his teamwork philosophies into a consulting business by working with mentors to identify his value proposition.

“I went into the seven-day boot camp with a growth mindset and came out with something I wasn’t really expecting. The boot camp really allowed me to focus on identifying my strengths. Working with the mentors, I made my business more speaking-oriented instead of the course-based process I was projecting it to be. It really helped me to figure out I have a philosophy and message I want to communicate.

During the boot camp I was able to understand business fundamentals not just in a theoretical sense but a practical sense that was specifically related to my business vision. This allowed me to focus my message towards a specific audience and solidify my value proposition. The reality of entrepreneurship kind of set in. Leaving the boot camp, I started believing that my message and leadership philosophy is desired by the corporate world and I need to share it.

“The boot camp allowed me to focus my message towards a specific audience and solidify my value proposition.”

My business is definitely an offshoot of my military experience and my leadership philosophy is grounded by the hardships, successes and failures of the teams I worked with. I want to be an ambassador for the many amazing Operators in the Canadian Special Forces, as I am a reflection of their success and guidance. With the lessons I learned as an Operator, I came to understand what’s necessary to create strong teams and leaders. Sharing those lessons has become my mission.”

The guidance that Justin received during boot camp helped him reconfigure his business plan and focus on his strengths. Justin is a leadership coach at All Around Consulting where he works with companies and organizations to develop strong leaders and teams. You can learn more about All Around Consulting’s services at

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