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Veterans Referrals

Business Development Canada (BDC)

Business Development Companies (BDCs) provide crucial capital and support to entrepreneurs, particularly those in need of financing to grow their businesses. BDC also provides strategic guidance and operational expertise, helping entrepreneurs navigate challenges and seize opportunities for expansion.


Programs: Tools and Resources, Consulting, Advisory Services, Loans

Cost: Free

Open to: All Entrepreneurs

Link: Business loans and business financing |


Canadian Legacy Project

The Canadian Legacy Project provides access to important services for veterans including housing, education, training and support services. The Veteran Business Boot Camp is a free interactive distance education program offered to Canadian Military Veterans to develop a business idea and the skills required to create and sustain a business.


The upcoming offerings of this course will begin May 6/24, October 7/24, and February 3/25. The course runs for 6 weeks, with course readings, interactive discussions, the completion of a business model canvas (1-page business plan) and includes one-on-one coaching with the program instructors.


Programs: Entrepreneurship Boot camp

Cost: Free

Open to: Military and Veterans

Link: Canadian Legacy Project |

Community Futures Canada

Community Futures is a community-based economic renewal initiative funded by the Government of Canada and directed by local volunteer boards. Their main objectives are to help rural Canadians start or expand a business and to help sustain and improve communities and their local economies.


Programs: Loans, Advisory Services, Tools and Resources, Workshops, Networking

Cost: Free

Open to: All Entrepreneurs

Link: Home - Community Futures Canada


Futurpreneur Canada

Futurpreneur is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs in Canada. They provide financing, mentoring, and resources to help aspiring business owners aged 18-39 turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through partnerships with government and private sector entities, Futurpreneur aims to foster entrepreneurship and drive economic growth across the country.


Programs: Information Sessions, Workshops, Mentoring, Grants/Funding, Advisory Services, Tools and Resources

Cost: Free

Open to: Entrepreneurs 18-39 (Advisory Services, Workshops and Tools and Resources open to all entrepreneurs)

Link: Futurpreneur | Entrepreneur Startup Program | Canada - Futurpreneur Canada


Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation (IEF) 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation (IEF) is a national charity dedicated to supporting founders and innovators belonging to racialized and/or equity-deserving groups as they navigate the unfair barriers of institutional, structural, and interpersonal biases.


Programs: Micro Grants, Networking, Discounted Services, Business Directory

Cost: Free

Open to: All Entrepreneurs

Link: About Us - Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation (


ISED Supports for Small Businesses

ISED, offers various supports for small businesses in Canada. These supports include funding programs such as the Canada Small Business Financing Program, which helps small businesses access loans to purchase equipment or real estate. Additionally, ISED provides advisory services, market research, and access to networks to help small businesses innovate, grow, and compete both domestically and internationally.


Programs: Advisory Services, Loans and Grants, Networking, Tools and Resources

Cost: Free

Open to: All Entrepreneurs

Link: Supports for business (


Mission Entrepreneur (University of Ottawa)

This program is designed as both an incubation and acceleration program for Canadian Veterans. Beyond professional development training and personalized coaching, this program offers significant support to Veteran entrepreneurs in scaling and commercializing their products, technologies, or services, ensuring they have the necessary resources to thrive in the civilian life as successful entrepreneurs. The objective is to cultivate a vibrant entrepreneurial community and ecosystem for Canadian Veterans, enhancing their success through this program, which fosters commercialization, networking, and collaboration.


Programs: Certification Program (currently accepting applications) 

Coming soon: Mentoring, Networking, Advisory Services.

Cost: Education and Training Benefit for Mission Entrepreneur Certificate

Open to: Veterans

Link: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program for Veterans - Overview (


Pepper Pod

The Pepper Pod is a non-profit organization that serves our vibrant community of women veterans, soon-to-be veterans and spouses of veterans. The Pepper Pod will be launching an entrepreneurship program in the Fall of 2024.


Programs: Workshops, Resources, Mentoring, Networking

Cost: Free

Open to: Women Veterans and Spouses

Link: The Pepper Pod - Home


Start Up Canada

Startup Canada is a grassroots network of entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, and supporting organizations across Canada. It aims to foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing resources, networking opportunities, and advocacy for startups. Through initiatives like Startup Communities and Startup Awards, it celebrates and supports the growth of Canadian entrepreneurship.


Programs: Networking, Tools and Resources, Pitch Competitions, Events

Cost: Free

Open to: All Entrepreneurs

Link: Home Page - Startup Canada


Treble Victor Group

The Treble Victor Group is a not-for-profit networking group established to enable ex-military personnel to achieve their full potential in post-service careers.

Programs: Networking, Mentoring, Events

Cost: Free (membership may be required for some services)

Open to: Military and Veterans

Link: Treble Victor Group | Military Veteran Business Network

Sources for Additional Resources for Entrepreneurs and Veterans


Mentor Works: Canadian Startup and Entrepreneur Resources | Mentor Works

ISED Business Benefits Finder: - Business Benefits Finder

True Patriot Love Veterans Hub: Home | The Veteran Hub

Respect Forum Respect Map:


Economic Development Agencies in Canada

These agencies provide various forms of support, funding, and resources to promote economic growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship across Canada.


Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED): CED | Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions | Home

Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan): Prairies Economic Development Canada -

Pacific Economic Development Canada (PacifiCan): Pacific Economic Development Canada -

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA): Business Information Services -

Canadian Northern Development Agency (CanNor): Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (

Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario): Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (

Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario (FedNor): Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario (